• Troy Van Sickle

    Troy Van Sickle has always loved animals. As a young boy he would find sick and injured animals and bring them home to mend them. He still loves animals and is the owner of two golden retrievers. He volunteers a lot with his local animals shelters and donates supplies when he can. Troy Van Sickle also encourages others to adopt from shelters and have their pets spayed and neutered to prevent overpopulation.

    Troy Van Sickle was able to sell his expertise as a business and real estate consultant because...
    Troy Van Sickle has many hobbies and one of his favorite is racing cars. He grew up around cars...
  • Troy Van Sickle: Racecar Driver

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    Troy Van Sickle is an experienced real estate agent who offers his services to people in Palm Springs. He also owns his own successful trucking company.


    Troy Van Sickle is a devoted family man who spends as much time as possible with his family when he isn’t working as a real estate agent

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