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Troy Van Sickle: Consultant and Real Estate Expert

Troy Van Sickle was able to sell his expertise as a business and real estate consultant because he proved himself valuable to many clients in a short period of time. Van Sickle took an unusual path to becoming a business expert. He was a truck driver for fifteen years before he settled into Southern California for good and started raising a family. Now he and his wife have five children and Van Sickle has a thriving business.

Troy Van Sickle attended business classes at a local community college just months before he garnered enough clients for a consulting firm. “I had the head for it, but I didn’t know it most of my life,” Van Sickle says. He made his first investment fresh out of business classes. While many of his friends thought he was insane, Van Sickle’s wife believed in him. And indeed it turned out. The property he borrowed profusely to buy in his neighborhood turned out to be in the heart of a new retail center, making the property worth much more when Van Sickle sold it than when he bought it. From there, he trusted his gut on several other purchases until other investors and business leaders took notice. His consulting firm was born and the rest is history.

Troy Van Sickle has created opportunities for other businesses and real estate investors to rely on him for his expertise and guidance in making their next moves

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